It was never so easy to compute on 2000+ nodes

We want to recycle the internet’s wasted computing power to help solve humanity’s toughest challenges, and that’s only going to happen if we all do it together.

That means that every developer should be able to use CrowdProcess. How can we accomplish that ? Well, a simple API sure is a start, and even better, an extremely easy to use Node.js module:

Pretty simple right ? Especially if you’re familiar with async’s map. It does the same thing, except instead of using your computer, it runs in more than 2000 browsers at the same time.

Besides taking an array and calling back with the buffered results, it’s also a handy Duplex stream:

I particularly love line 32.

It was never so simple and easy to run something in 2000+ nodes. And we’ll keep trying to democratize access to computing power. It’s now up to you to use it for the greater good.

Have an idea ? Go run it on 2000+ nodes!