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We are currently working with two experts in Bioinformatics: Prof. Jonas Almeida, a researcher at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and Prof. Alexandre Francisco from INESC in Portugal. We developed with a browser powered version of a Microbiome Sequence Alignment tool.

"Microbiome Sequence Alignment?! What’s that? Please tell me, CrowdProcess, I want to know!”, you say.

So, imagine you put the content of your stomach into a sequencing machine - a machine that translates genes into genetic code (ACGTs) - and you get a “book” of your stomach contents. A book written in a sentence using only four letters (ACGT). Gibberish.

You then get your dictionary of ACGT-ish - a database that matches known organisms with the respective sequences - and you read it to find out what microorganisms, bacteria and bugs are populating the contents of your stomach.

Now that you know what Microbiome Sequence Alignment is, you might be wondering what a distributed computing platform powered by web browsers has to do with it.

Here’s your answer: in the development of the work we are doing with Prof. Jonas Almeida and Prof. Alexandre Francisco, we’ve made a simple demo just to show what’s possible with CrowdProcess.

CrowdProcess Genomes

We made this because we believe that massively parallel computing obtained through web browsers can pave the way to a future where distributed computing is accessible to everyone and anyone. That and the ease of use of JavaScript can truly bring (computing) power to the people. Aditionally, by using CrowdProcess behind the firewall, we want to help hospitals and clinics bring genome sequencing to everybody.

Check the demo and let us know what you think in the comments. Alternatively feel free to get in touch with us directly if you want to use it.