The CrowdProcess Challenge: 1000$ for every app

One of most fascinating things about working at CrowdProcess has been to get to know the users.

Amazing work, by physicists, statisticians, medical researchers and a plethora of developers and engineers running fascinating problems of distributed computing on web browsers.

As our users’ jobs fundamentally belong to them, we are often saddened not to be able to publish everything that goes through.

Which is why CrowdProcess is paying 1000$ for everyone who comes up with an idea for an application, develops it and releases it as open source code.

Be sure to read the complete announcement and rules before entering, but it’s more or less the following:

  • You come up with a cool idea for an application that solves a real world problem and is suitable for CrowdProcess (we can help);
  • You develop and release this application as a web app;
  • You get paid;

Of course you can submit multiple applications and make more money!

Need some inspiration ?

Here’s a nice hello world application that calculates the value of Pi.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Looks simple right ? All you have to do once you have an idea for an application is contact us to enter the contest (which is not a contest, you’ll win just for delivering the project!).